This is a brief mini-directory of Windsor area bands. Please choose one of the links above to find out more about these local talents that make up the various aspects of this Windsor music scene.

NOTE: At present, the BAND DIRECTORY is smaller than the previous incarnation. There are additional links below that lead outside of this website to check out once you've perused the Directory links above! The following is a listing of all of the artists official homepages as listed in each bio that are currently available online. More links will be added as more bios are added. To get listed email jamiesgreer@hotmail.com.

Artists Currently Listed on the Windsor Scene with Web Sites:

Anneke's Star : http://www.annekesstar.com
Area Fifty-One : http://www.areafiftyoneonline.com
Ayndrone : http://www.ayndrone.com (Flash Intro)
Betrayer : http://www.betrayer.ca
Blasternaut : http://www.blasternaut1.com (Flash Site)
Bloemfontein : http://bloem-fontein.tripod.com
BSW : http://www.angelfire.com/rock3/bsw/home.htm
Cloud Thirteen : http://www.mp3.com/cloud_thirteen
Dean Drouillard : http://www.deandrouillard.com
The Dry Heaves : http://www.dryheavesonline.com
Dumpster Drunx : http://www.dumpsterdrunx.tk
Elad's Guitar Army : http://www.angelfire.com/myband2/guitararmy
Estella Fritz : http://www.geocities.com/estellafritz
fiftywatthead : http://www.angelfire.com/indie/fiftywatthead
filigree : http://www.filigreemusic.com
2fish : http://www.2fish.org
Focal Point : http://www.focalpointband.com
Foreign Film Star : http://www.foreignfilmstar.com
From the Room : http://www.soundsofrevolution.com
Garler : http://www.mp3.com/garler
Gary Komsic : http://www.garykomsic.com
Glean : http://glean.26a.net
The Hung Jury : http://hung-jury.tripod.com
itzjunk: http://www.itzjunk.com
Janet Theory : http://www.thejanettheory.com
Julie Kyrk : http://www.juliekryk.com
Life After Six : http://www.geocities.com/lifeaftersix
Lo Down : http://www.officiallodown.com
Low Tones : http://tundra.love.tripod.com
Luxury Christ : http://luxurychrist.port5.com
Mark Hewer : http://www.mp3.com/MarkHewer
Mister Bones : http://www.geocities.com/misterbonespurerock
Molly Brown : http://www.mollybrown.tk
The Movies : http://www.geocities.com/honeylicks2000
Muzzin : http://www.geocities.com/muzzinband
NDG : http://www.ndg.4t.com
Once by Chance : http://www.oncebychance.cjb.net
Paradigm Shift : http://paradigmshiftx.musicpage.com
The Redstripes : http://theredstripes.tripod.com
Repeat Until False : http://www.repeatuntilfalse.tk
Ron Leary : http://www.ronleary.com
Sukubus : http://www.sukubus.cjb.net
Ten Indians : http://www.tenindians.net
Ten Year Drought : http://www.tenyeardrought.com
TPSC : http://johnnyteninch.tripod.com
Twice For Nothing : http://twicefornothing.tripod.ca
The Tyres : http://users.mnsi.net/~carlon1/the-tyres.htm
Urban Desciples : http://www.urbandisciples.ca
Upstart : http://www.geocities.com/upstartband
Woods of Ypres : http://www.woodsofypres.ca

Other Local Artists Not Yet Listed on Windsor Scene:

Day Late Hero : http://www.geocities.com/daylatehero
Full White Drag : http://www.fullwhitedrag.com
Liquid Car Crash : http://www.liquidcarcrash.com
Opinion of the Youth : http://www.opinionoftheyouth.cjb.net
Pit Bull Grin : http://www.pitbullgrin.com
Revo : http://mikebeauchamp.com/revo
Searching for Chin : http://searchingforchin.tripod.com

There are MANY more talented bands here in Windsor than those listed above. If you're in one and don't see your link, e-mail me with your link!