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If you think that we are missing anything that you would like added to this website or if we have put something on that is incorrect or even if you would like something removed or just have comments about the web site itself, please contact us at the following:

For Windsor Scene:

Please send any content-type Windsor Scene related information to Jamie.

Jamie Greer:

For the Web Site:

Please send any web site-type information to Carly.

Modern Soul Records
Carly Marcoux:

Windsor Scene Web Site Banners:

Show off your love of Windsor hometown bands and happenings on your own webpage! Simply right-click with your mouse on your favourite image and click 'save as' in order to save the image on your computer. Then input the following code into your html:

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Windsor Scene Desktop Wallpaper:

Click on the image to get a new window with the image for your desktop. Right click on the image in the new window and click 'save as' to save it to your desktop. Then simply add it to your wallpaper collection!

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