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THE LINK LIST. Here is a listing of extra links from the Windsor area. Places where you can check out the happenings online to see what to do or just fun places and scenes that are happening right at our door.

Windsor Online Info --Read Up!:

About Windsor:
City of Windsor:
Windsor 411:
The Capitol Theatre:
University of Windsor:
Point Pelee National Park: Point_Pelee Website at Parks Canada

Online Area Publications:
The Drive:
The Times:
The Windsor Star:
Windsor Pride:
The Metro Times:
Real Detroit:

Local & Surrounding Area Festivals:
The Celtic Festival:
The Blues Festival:
Festival Epicure:
The Freedom Festival:
The Strawberry Festival:
The Tomato Festival: Leamington Area Festival Links

Canadian Music/Media Online:

Online Local & Surrounding Area Radio:
CJAM 91.5FM (Windsor/Detroit):
RadioKaos Internet Radio:
AM800 CKLW (Windsor/Detroit):
89X 88.7FM (Windsor/Detroit):
CHYR 96.7FM (Leamington):
WDET 101.9FM (Windsor/Detroit):

Online Music Media:
Complete Chaos:
Superstar In Stereo:
Umbrella Music:
Maple Music:
Canoe Live Canada Listings:
Windsor Music Archive:

Would you like to add a link that you think we may have missed? We would love to add you to our list. Click HERE!